full of hope and a better day

I hate goodbyes. I get really teary and emotional. Even just watching goodbyes on tv make me teary haha but i dont care, i have emotions and im okay showing them

I have a sleeping problem…and i need to fix it

This place will be filled wih my thoughts and life ambitions…everything i say will become true someday, and everything here will be the sole truth.

….im still awake…when will I learn

Unpaid cell phone service

Since i haven’t been able to work for almost A month and a half now, i haven’t been able to pay my phone. It sucks but at least i still have wifi at home. Eh


So my cousin Jordan left today for the national gaurd. I miss him already, and i hope he gets home safe..i didn’t cry because i know that he’ll be back safe. I love you Jordan. Just wanted you to.know even tho i know you wont see this.

But i was never brought up to believe that it was going to be..

But i was never brought up to believe that it was going to be..

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Favortie Song // Chance the Rapper ft. Childish Gambino 

You just don’t know the words

Wrong doings

Ive done a lot of things so far in my life that I am not proud of. But the most wrong doings I detest is ignoring people, people who show me love, give me some attention, or show some form of interest in me. I hate it, i really do and i never know what to do. I dont feel like telling people these doings, personal thoughts to be exact, because of guilt. Simply this will be the place where it will all begin, by which i mean setting up the courage to say i am sorry or to figure out what i must do to make things right. Maybe simply, i should just say say the first thing that comes into mind.…